bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

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Product name : R4 Easy Talkie bluetooth helmet intercom
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R4 Easy Talkie BT intercom with remote control for riders (new !! Hot!!!)  
R4 Easy Talkie BT intercom with reomote control motorcycle communication BT interphone 
--The world first and the most safe and convenient BT intercom !!!! 
Patented product! Copy is strictly prohibited!!
Patent No:ZL201330064556.3
Use with our
 R4 Easy Talkie bluetooth intercom
Now Motorcycle riders can operate their interphone by the handgrip mounted wireless remote control. 
No long need to take off his hand from handgrip while riding. this could be the most safe and 
convenient operation method for bluetooth intercom that you can find out in the world right now.
Does not like many motorcycle bluetooth intercoms that only can link 2 riders , this new product can be 
used for communication in 4 riders or between rider and pillion, one rider can link with 3 riders, and 
can choose any person of the group to talk at a time. real full duplex wireless communication in 4 riders 
by handfree bluetooth system
Main Features: 
R4 Easy Talkie BT interphone, intercom for bluetooth motorcycle communication 
--The world first and the most safe convenient BT intercom 
remote control on handgrip
Communication in 4 Riders
1000m maximum intercom range
Hi-Fi sound quality (one of the best Hi-Fi sound quality similar with Sony so you can always enjoy 
                                    mumic with our Hi-Fi speakers) 
Up to 120km/h speed
Up to 7hours talking time
Auto-receiving mobile call
Mobile/mp3/stereo music
Audio navigation from GPS
Line in 2.5 mm audio jack, can connect with any audio source
Wind noise DSP cancellation
Full weather protected
Friendly for gloves

One set includes:
1) 1X R4 main uint 
2) 1X hand grip wireless remote control 
3) 1X clip for mounting the main unit
4) 1X Hi-Fi speakers&boom microphone
5) 1X AC& USB charger 
6) 1X 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio adapter cable
7) 1X User manual

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