bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

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Product name : G8 Group Talkie bluetooth helmet intercom
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               G8 Group Talkie
---Conference intercom!  
---Multiple riders talk simultaneously!!

Patented product! Copy is strictly prohibited!!
    Patent No: ZL201330064557.8

Special innovative features :

1) Multiple riders can talk each other at the same time while riding 
2) Newest DSP wind noise cancellation technology, it makes the G8 can work up to150Km/hour
3) Top sound quality, high sensitivity sub bass speakers, prefect the authentic Hi-Fi music 
4) Intelligent switch between cell phone call, intercom, music, FM 
5) With walkie talkie interface, can connect with walkie talkie while in a larger group trips

Other features :

*Maximum talking range 1500 meters in a group, real full duplex wireless communication 
*Up to 9 hours talking time, up to 11 hours playing time 
*Safe auto-receiving cell phone calls 
*Advanced A2DP & EDR bluetooth profile
*Stereo music/audio function (transmits from A2DP enabled mobile phone / MP3 / GPS/radar detector) 
*Built-in FM radio 
*AUX audio interface for GPS, MP3, radar detector, radio 
*Water-resistance, full weather protected
*Friendly for glove

The most advanced bt intercom in the world!!!!

Yueny-Moto- World wide leading brand & supplier for Bluetooth motorcycle helmet intercom!!

We have full series of BT intercom include

G3 BT intercom, G6 BT intercom,R4 Easy Talkie,G7 Easy Talkie, G8 Group Talkie

Important Note: For more information of our G8 please send email to

G8 is availabe now! welcome customers to make orders!

link our G8 with Walk Talkie such as Motorola, Kenwood, YAESU/Vertex, Icom and ect on. 
This added function is really with great useful when a large group riders go out for trips, just a quick connect  with our G8 with Walk Talkie is OK. 
NOTE: Consider there are many different connectors for Walk Talkie, so usually we only can stock the most popular 4 types for Motorola, Kenwood, YAESU/Vertex, ICOM We call M1, K1,Y4, S1 connectors. 

The adapter cable for G8 link with Walk Talkie is option to purchase!

M1 connector for link with Motorola radio
K1 connector for link with Kenwood radio
S2 connector for link with ICOM radio
Y4 connector for link with YAESU/Vertex radio

Note: The adapter cable for G8 link with Walk Talkie is option to purchase!

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