bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

bluetooth helmet intercom BT interphone

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Product name : G7 Easy Talkie bluetooth helmet intercom
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 G7 Easy Talkie
Patented product! Copy is strictly prohibited!!
Special innovative features :
1) Voice dial mobile phone calls via ????? on helmet
2) Newest DSP wind noise cancellation technology, it make the G7 can working at 150Km/hour 
3) Top sound quality speakers, Hi-Fi audio tone, prefect the authentic music
4) Intelligent switch between cell phone, intercom, music
5) With walkie talkie interface, can connect with walkie talkie while in a larger group trips
Other features :
*Maximum talking range 1000 meters between two riders, real full duplex wireless communication in 3 riders 
*Up to 9 hours talking time, up to 11 hours playing time 
*Safe auto-receiving cell phone calls 
*Advanced A2DP & EDR bluetooth profile
*Stereo music/audio function (transmits from A2DP enabled mobile phone / MP3 / GPS) 
*AUX audio interface for GPS, MP3, radar detector
*Water-resistance, full weather protected
*Friendly for glove
One of the most advanced bt intercom in the world!!!!
link our G7 with Walk Talkie such as Motorola, Kenwood, YAESU/Vertex, Icom and ect on. 
This added function is really with great useful when a large group riders go out for trips, just a quick connect with our G8 with Walk Talkie is OK. 
NOTE: Consider there are many different connectors for Walk Talkie
so usually we only can stock the most popular 4 types for Motorola, Kenwood, YAESU/Vertex, ICOM We call M1, K1,Y4, S1 connectors. 

The adapter cable for G7 link with Walk Talkie is option to purchase!

Hi-Fi speakers, Top sound quality same level with Sony!


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